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CC / Kiss My Dwarves!

After a brief haitus, the mayor hires us to escort Claudia Rusticus - my sister-in-law-to-be to her betrothed in Dolmvay?. There have been several river raids conducted over the past month so a decoy was sent (my sister, Gesa) on a separate barge with another adventuring party.

On the barge heading to Dolmvay? we were looking for trouble. Before we left, Caius Rusticus warned us to beware the Society of the Golden Axe? (an anti-dwarf group of racists). I don't know who they are but apparently they've been making an nuisance of themselves over in Dolmvay.

The first problem we run into on the river was this stone giant trying to shake us down for a payment to pass on our barge. Some of the fellers I run with are pretty smart though -- Phard-hi conjured an illusionary chest full of gold that a few of us rowed over to the shore and left, then we scrammed while he checked it out. By the time he got over to the fake chest we were on our way again and out of his throwing range! Stupid giant, I ought to go find him some night soon. . .

At twilight on that first day we hit a sand bar or something when several bullywugs swarmed on board! I never fought no frog-men before but I don't think they're natural so they need killin'.

Unfortunately during the fight the barbarian's axe flew out of his grip into the water. Got to hand it to him though, as soon as the last bullywug was down he dove into the water after his axe. I was amazed how long he held his breath but he returned with the axe in his hand. Pretty much as soon as we set off again we were beset by pirates from ahead and behind us with catapults on their sloops! These turned out to be some of them raiders we were warned about and part of that group the Golden Axe. They were mighty riled up about Marda and Jurgen bein' in our party. I can tell you once we got into it, the dwarves weren't too keen on them either; but after extensive pussyfootin' around with our bows we finally were able to get them to board us so we could end that fight right quick.

So we got ourselves to Dolmvay and turned Claudia over to their harbor-master - only it turns out Lavender saw he had one of them Golden axe medallions over his neck. Seems the core of this apple is rotten as well as the outskirts. When she confronted him with it though he just ripped it off his neck and threw it into the river. Seemed that his medal had some flashy red stones in it though were the mooks we ran into on the river just had plain metal.

Some of the party really got their backs up on this group of racists so we decided to try to ferret out what's going on here in Dolmvay. So we figured best to talk to the dwarves in town. Where do you find dwarves? well the tavern was empty so only place left to try was the smithy. We try the first smithy but come to find out that there's no dwarves working there. Lavender and I consider the possibility of hidden meetings in the wilderness -- but since the nearest wilderness to the town is ten miles away we figure they must be meeting somewhere in town.

The dwarves meanwhile meet a smith named Rorgor Anvilstrike? a dwarf in the employ of the town's other smithy. He has been accosted by the Golden Axe but is too stubborn to leave. He says that they threatened him at his home one night wearing masks and tried to run him out but he refuses. They have not followed up on their threats yet. Probably afraid to - that little guy's got some powerful arms on him - and a powerful odor too!

Meriaboc and Lavender decide to stake out the Harbor master that night. Gorlok and I start to keep an eye on Rorgor before the whole party meets with him that night at The Stinking Gnome? a local tavern. I wasn't too happy bein' stuck with the half-orc but I decided to make the best of it. Since we couldn't see the dwarf too well from where we were in the street I decided to climb up on some roof tops and try to get a view of him inside the back of the smithy. Eventually I succeeded and got to see a dwarf have a very long, very boring day at work.

When Lavender and Meriaboc get to the harbormaster's office they find a crowd gathered saying that the harbormaster has been murdered.

And the third group of the party, Marda and Jurgen were looking for clues on the streets and were beset by a group of the Golden Axe in some alley. Once the group reunited later we find that they were overcome and abducted. Lavender tried to follow them back to their hideout but lost them. The halfling, Meriaboc, saw them coming out of the sewers carrying the dwarves into a house and down to the basement.

So then it's clobbering time in the basement! This weren't no ordinary root-cellar though; there were passages and hallways that lead all over the place. But we were able to storm our way in there and fight our way through the few mooks that were there until we found the tortured and degraded bodies of our companions. It were pathetic what they done to them dwarves. We were luckily in time to save their lives though, and the hair will grow back and the scars heal but I'm here to tell you I never saw such a fire as I seen in Marda's eyes. -- Jurgen, he's pissed enough yeah but must be his religious training keeping him calm - but Marda's a much more violent sort - probably havin' to do with Hanseath being a god of battle and hooch. I definitely don't want to stand in between her and one of them Golden Axe fellers. Gotta make a note of that for what comes next. . .